Analiticamente Incorrecto
  Isto há cada desculpa
"A 72-year-old Indian man is to sit his high school exams for the 37th time in the hope he will finally be able to get married.
Shiv Charan vowed he would not marry until he had passed his examinations, reports the Indo Asian News Service.
But the farmer, who attempted the exam for the first time at the age of 35 in 1969, has always been let down by his maths.
Mr Charan, from Behror in Rajasthan, said: "For me success will not merely mean clearing the exams but it will also throw open the doors of marriage for me."
Brinquem, brinquem, depois não se queixem...
"An Argentinian woman has been arrested for stabbing her husband because he did not have sex with her.
The 52-year-old, from Buenos Aires, stabbed her husband in the back but he was not seriously injured.
She told police she had spent the day trying to get him into bed but he had ignored all of her hints.
The woman told La Cuarta: "I wore a G-string and high heels in the house but he did not notice, I could not stand this.
"I got really mad and I stabbed him."
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