Analiticamente Incorrecto
  Anatomy of the Cartoon Protest Movement
Opposing Certainties Widen Gap Between West and Muslim World
Anthony Shadid and Kevin Sullivan

Ou como altos governantes deveriam emitir comunicados que representassem unicamente a vontade do povo que o elege e não os seus recalcamentos passados.
From, on the newspaper that stoked the outrage over Danish cartoons:

The Rakyat Merdeka cases

Rakyat Merdeka is a daily tabloid owned by the country’s largest media group, Jawa Pos, that has gained prominence as a result of its gritty, often abrasive, style, with articles and caricatures that frequently strongly criticize the political establishment.

Two of the paper’s editors are facing legal sanctions for publishing material deemed insulting. In one case, the former editor has been tried and found guilty of defamation under Article 310 of the Criminal Code (KUHP), while the other is currently on trial and charged under Article 134 of KUHP for insulting the President, an offence punishable by up to six years in jail.

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