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  Europe overreaction
"Bird flu has indeed come west. Even if Europe has overreacted, the exercise serves as a reminder of how serious a bird flu pandemic might be. So far the migratory birds are just insignificant raiding parties—at worst, harbingers of much worse to come later. The front lines in the fight to stave off a pandemic still remain in the Far East. The world must commit more to the fight—to monitor domestic fowl, develop bird flu vaccines and produce more antiviral drugs. If H5N1 does mutate into a human form, it won't need to hop a goose to reach the rest of the world. It'll just get on a plane, and nowhere will be safe."
By Rod Nordland
And the States are...
"As if they didn’t have their hands full with Iraq and terrorism, U.S. intelligence agencies are being drawn into the debate over whether the United States is imminently threatened by a deadly outbreak of bird influenza and whether the Bush administration has adequately prepared for such an epidemic."
By Michael Isikoff and Mark Hosenball
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