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  Missing People From Hurricane Katrina - 1-800-774-0512
This site is here to help you find missing persons from hurricane Katrina. If you have their picture of the missing person you can post it to this site in one of two ways: 1. Upload their image directly from your PC using the upload form below. Once you have uploaded an image you will be prompted to enter other information like thgeir name, your phone number and your email address. 2. Email or MMS your picture to Please make sure to put the missing person's name and YOUR contact phone number in the title or body of the email/MMS. If you don’t have an image of the missing person or you can’t figure out how to upload or email in your information, then please call us at 1-800-774-0512 anytime, if we are awake we will answer the phone! Our thoughts and prayers to everyone involved in this disaster. May you and your loved ones be safe.
People who are SAFE from Katrina
People listed on this site are safe, and want you to know that they are ok. Some pictures will have names and locations of where they are, some will not, please just know that if they are here they were safe as of the time the picture was posted. If you are safe and you want to post your picture here just email it to
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